Monday, September 13, 2010

A Shiny New World

Well, we did it! We tied the knot, to be totally cliché. I am officially now a Mrs. The wedding was everything I’d hoped for, and it really opened my eyes to a lot. But I’ll get to that later- it deserves a full blog post all to itself.

Being newly married is wonderful. You instantly feel this sense of responsibility and closeness to your partner. But externally, things really aren’t much different. You are both still yourselves, just legally and religiously (if that’s your thing) tied together. However, while honeymooning at the BEAUTIFUL Grand Hyatt Kaua’i I noticed something very different. It was like I’d crossed the threshold into a shiny new world. Everywhere I turned I saw young men with brand spanking new rings on their left hand. Now obviously I’m aware that we were in honeymoon central and there were a lot of newly married couple there. But for some reason it cracked me up at how dominate their rings were. It could be the fashion; in fact, Bubba’s ring is very similar to many of the ones I saw. It could be the fact that they all looked so conscious of their new accessory. Pulling on it, making sure it’s still there every few minutes, or even accidentally putting it on the wrong hand…ahem, *Bubba*. Or maybe it’s just noticeable because so many of the older married men don’t wear their rings. I scanned the crowds for older men who appeared to be with their wives and families, but many of them either weren’t wearing a ring, or it was very small.

Whatever the reason may be, it really caught my attention. It was kind of cute the way they all proudly adorned their new symbol of love. Even if it will probably get lost, dirty, scratched or broken within the next year or two.