Tuesday, August 24, 2010


That is the number.  The number of day I have left until I'm a married woman!  That is a scary thought, especially when I think back about 3 years ago and realize how much I've changed since then.  But change is a necessary evil we all must face.  In fact, I don't think I like that saying, "necessary evil", it makes it sound so bad and mean.  And change isn't always bad, sometimes it's really good.  Even when you think it's bad, you'll probably still learn something from it.  So embrace it while you can.  I mean really who can live a life that is exactly the same day in and day out?  I mean come on, we all know how the Truman Show ended...change is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, let me hop off my soapbox now.  This past weekend I got to spend my last weekend out on the town as a single girl, with my closest female friends and family members.  My sister and maid-of-honor, along with a little help from my mom and friends threw me a terrific bachelorette party complete with limo, hotel, shots and beads.  Though we didn't wake up with a tiger in our bathroom like the guys of the Hangover, I think we hit the town pretty hard and had a great time doing it.

[The crew who met up at the hotel before dinner!]

[Dinner and drinks at my favorite...Cheeseburger in Paradise]

[Gettin' gangsta in the back of the limo]

[The end.]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Showers Galore!

I have to say, I am a pretty lucky girl.  I have been blessed with two loving families that are so kind and thoughtful that they threw me not 1, but 2 bridal/wedding showers!  The first was a romantic riverside shower complete with princess tent, pink goodie bags, rock candy and big hats.  Hosted by my lovely sister and made-of-honor, Marci, it was absolutely gorgeous.  Sweltering hot, but gorgeous.

[Our delicious cake, topped with Robin Hood and Maid Marian...my childhood crush and Bubba's childhood hero, view of the tent from the road, the cute little gift bags put together by my mother, and moi opening gifts with my bridesmaids in our oh-so-stylish hats!]

Fast forward a few weeks and we're on to shower number 2, with a twist!  This shower was hosted by Bubba's mom and sisters, Ashley and Sarah and was a co-ed wedding shower for the both of us.  It was held at Gilbert Run park, and was set up with a laid-back picnic type feel.  Despite an insane amount of rain, it was a blast!  There was multitudes of yummy food, cute kids, awesome presents and even a few dogs.

[Opening gifts in our stylish bride and groom hats, nephew Jake enjoying the rain, all of our specially wrapped gifts, and another gorgeous and delicious cake!]

Thank you so much to everyone who made our 'shower' experiences so wonderful.  The weather may not have cooperated for either of them, but that just means the wedding day should be perfect, right? :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Just Another Reason...

Why I love the Point.  Even when it's HOT outside, it's still beautiful and there is almost always a steady breeze to keep you cool.  Amidst the chaos that is my life right now, I was able to catch a peaceful and playful break on Sunday.  Our favorite little rascal came down to visit (and no, I'm not talking about our old groundhog friend).  Bubba's nephew Jake was spending some time with his Pop Pop and Maw Maw so they decided to drive down and bring him to the "beach".  Our poor little beach isn't much, but it's still got sand and water, therefore it's a functioning beach.  Only 2, Jakey loves the water.  He is very comfortable in it and shows no signs of being scared.  Which could be a bad thing, but I think with a few swimming lessons here and there he'll be a pro in no time.

Even though the water was rough, Jake still wanted to get in.  Tip-toeing around the edge he was just waiting for someone to pick him up and venture out into the Potomac.  It was so sweet and relaxing to see him so happy just to be in the water.  Not to mention getting in myself and hanging out on the beach with my mom, future in-laws and Bub.  This is why I love the summer, even if I do have to remind myself of it during these 100 degree days!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Brother- All Grown Up

I am so proud of my brother, Tyler.  I always have been, in fact I think everyone in our family has a total admiration for him.  It's hard to dislike someone like Ty.  If you ask me, he received every ounce of the 'gift of gab' from my Dad.  Growing up, we couldn't go ANYWHERE without my dad running into someone he knew and stopping to chat with them.  In fact, it doesn't even matter if he knew you or not, if he thought you looked like someone he could have a good chuckle with, he would talk to you.  And lucky for Tyler, he's got that ability as well.  I would kill for an ounce of that...I hate small talk and have trouble making conversation with people I don't know.

Tyler can talk to anyone, and that is why I know he'll be just fine in his latest adventure.  You see, my darling baby brother has just moved to Florida.  Not only will his uncanny communication skills keep him afloat, but from what I hear, the area where he's just moved has a lot to offer someone like Ty.  Not only is the weather always warm, but there is some kind of river or stream that runs through his apartment complex where he can fish at his leisure, but there are also golf courses everywhere.  Not to mention he's about 5 or 10 minutes from his campus and he'll be getting to study what he truly enjoys...Political Science. 

And he won't be alone...Tyler's sweetheart girlfriend Allie is living with him too, so they'll have each other.  Allie probably won't have as much time to enjoy her surroundings as Tyler since she'll be in her first year of law school, but if I know Allie I think she'll find time to visit the amazing shopping that surrounds their town!

Good luck Tyler and Allie, I know you're going to love every minute of living down there!  And don't be surprised if Bubba and I come knocking on your door soon to visit :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Honeymooners

Tomorrow will be exactly one month until my wedding...1 month!!  I feel like it was just yesterday I was trying to pick a date and find the dress of my dreams.  Good things happen for those who wait- that couldn't be a truer statement.  Sometimes I felt as if Bubba and I could never catch a break, but so far so good when it comes to our wedding plans.  The date is set, the dress is altered and the DJ is booked.  I should be focusing on the small details we have left like name cards, table numbers, and the coffee bar (which I'm very excited about by the way!), but for some reason all I can think about is the honeymoon.

Cancun, Mexico.  That is our destination.  Hopefully a warm, sunny beautiful one at that!  I've already been thinking about our excursions, meals and days on the beach.  I have a picture painted in my head of what we'll look like while honeymooning, but considering it's me and Bubba, I'm not so sure the picture in my head is what we'll end up with.  But I do know one thing, it is going to be a blast.  Relaxing, but a blast.  We aren't huge on just lounging around the beach day after day, so we'll be on the move quite a bit.  Don't get me wrong a day or two here and there of beach-bliss is fine and dandy, but we really like to explore and take advantage of the activities and things around us.

Now I just need to find time to get to the store and buy all the clothing, swimsuits and accessories I'll need for this wonderful trip!