Friday, August 6, 2010

Baby Brother- All Grown Up

I am so proud of my brother, Tyler.  I always have been, in fact I think everyone in our family has a total admiration for him.  It's hard to dislike someone like Ty.  If you ask me, he received every ounce of the 'gift of gab' from my Dad.  Growing up, we couldn't go ANYWHERE without my dad running into someone he knew and stopping to chat with them.  In fact, it doesn't even matter if he knew you or not, if he thought you looked like someone he could have a good chuckle with, he would talk to you.  And lucky for Tyler, he's got that ability as well.  I would kill for an ounce of that...I hate small talk and have trouble making conversation with people I don't know.

Tyler can talk to anyone, and that is why I know he'll be just fine in his latest adventure.  You see, my darling baby brother has just moved to Florida.  Not only will his uncanny communication skills keep him afloat, but from what I hear, the area where he's just moved has a lot to offer someone like Ty.  Not only is the weather always warm, but there is some kind of river or stream that runs through his apartment complex where he can fish at his leisure, but there are also golf courses everywhere.  Not to mention he's about 5 or 10 minutes from his campus and he'll be getting to study what he truly enjoys...Political Science. 

And he won't be alone...Tyler's sweetheart girlfriend Allie is living with him too, so they'll have each other.  Allie probably won't have as much time to enjoy her surroundings as Tyler since she'll be in her first year of law school, but if I know Allie I think she'll find time to visit the amazing shopping that surrounds their town!

Good luck Tyler and Allie, I know you're going to love every minute of living down there!  And don't be surprised if Bubba and I come knocking on your door soon to visit :)

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