Tuesday, August 24, 2010


That is the number.  The number of day I have left until I'm a married woman!  That is a scary thought, especially when I think back about 3 years ago and realize how much I've changed since then.  But change is a necessary evil we all must face.  In fact, I don't think I like that saying, "necessary evil", it makes it sound so bad and mean.  And change isn't always bad, sometimes it's really good.  Even when you think it's bad, you'll probably still learn something from it.  So embrace it while you can.  I mean really who can live a life that is exactly the same day in and day out?  I mean come on, we all know how the Truman Show ended...change is a GOOD thing.

Anyway, let me hop off my soapbox now.  This past weekend I got to spend my last weekend out on the town as a single girl, with my closest female friends and family members.  My sister and maid-of-honor, along with a little help from my mom and friends threw me a terrific bachelorette party complete with limo, hotel, shots and beads.  Though we didn't wake up with a tiger in our bathroom like the guys of the Hangover, I think we hit the town pretty hard and had a great time doing it.

[The crew who met up at the hotel before dinner!]

[Dinner and drinks at my favorite...Cheeseburger in Paradise]

[Gettin' gangsta in the back of the limo]

[The end.]

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