Monday, April 27, 2009

Skipping Spring

"April showers bring May flowers," this old saying is one that typically holds true...not this weekend however. Without a cloud in sight, the temperatures reached almost 90 and not a bit of humidity. (And if you know Southern Maryland, you know how awfully humid it can be in the summer!) Colton's Point never ceases to amaze me. No matter what the temperature else where, it seems to always be about 10 degrees cooler at the Point, which was ideal this weekend after being on a ball field in the hot sun all day. Sunday evening was the perfect time for me to add a little life to the cottage and plant some new flowers. Lucky for me I have a mother who could probably be a professional landscaper who helped me (did it for me) plant a few flowers.

This weekend was the official start to the women's slowpitch softball league as well. I've played for a few different teams in my time in the women's league, but hopefully this team is where I stay. Playing for Captain Sams is nice, it's close to home and all of the girls are really fun. Unfortunately we didn't fair so well this weekend in the tournament. We are lacking an experienced pitcher, and that hurt us. It allowed us to see what we needed to improve on though. My Dad is helping coach this year, and my sister Marci is also playing, so it's like a family affair. It's been years since we've played together with him as our coach, and it's surprisingly a lot of fun.

This busy weekend also held time for good times with great friends. I was able to see and spend just a little time with the cutest baby boy in the world, Jakey. Got to reconnect with my softball buddies and new additions to the team, and even made time to hear "Adam Lyon Jr. III" sing at Andersons. (Be sure to join his fan club, he's going to take us with him as his posse when he makes it big on American Idol). Overall, this was a great weekend, and hopefully just the beginning of the fun that is in store for summer 2009.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Growing Up

This past weekend, one of my oldest friends got married!
Christy and I have gone to school together since Pre-K, not a lot of people can say they've stayed friends with someone for about 19 years. Christy and Blaine had an absolutely beautiful weekend for their special day, the sun was shinning and there wasn't a cloud in sight. The event ran smoothly and I think the newlyweds were really happy with the outcome. Congratulations Christy and Blaine, I love you both and wish you the best :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Waiting For Summer...

I guess it's time to give you a little background. About 4 months ago I moved to Colton's Point with my boyfriend, Adrian (pictured above), lovingly referred to as "Bubba". We were fortunate enough to find a wonderful landlord with a BEAUTIFUL house for rent, and plenty of history to go along with it. Our landlords grandmother was a lifelong resident of the Point and her house has been in the family for years. I can only imagine the mischief, love, sorrow and excitement that went on in the house that we are so fortunate to live in now!
Bubba and I consider ourselves very lucky to live in such a wonderful place. Despite being 45 minutes away from work, the views that we wake up to (above, from front porch) and come home to greatly out way that painful drive.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Rising with the Sun

Obviously Easter only comes around once a year, however you should keep this post in mind for 2010. For those of you willing to roll out of bed around 5:30am Easter morning, I highly recommend you make a trip to Colton's Point for the Sunrise Mass. Facing St. Clement's Island, you get an absolutely beautiful view of the sun coming up as the Priest performs Easter Mass. This sight is something that you have to see in person to really receive the full effect of its beauty. It's enough to make those "Christmas and Easter Catholics" enjoy the service and stop to think about their faith.

Another great thing about the Sunrise Mass in Colton's Point is the opportunity you get to see what kind of community the Point really is. From the new residents who are from a younger generation, but still respect what the Point has to offer to those who grew up in the community and still adore it as much as ever. Colton's Point is a unique area that gives you a sense of comfort and serenity, and it is full of people who appreciate each and every aspect of the neighborhood.

Be sure to check out the Sunrise Mass held at the St. Clement's Island Museum in Colton's Point next Easter and see for yourself why it is such a special experience!