Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

There is one song that always gets me in the mood for Christmas, no matter what, and that is the opening song that is sung and played during "A Charlie Brown Christmas."  You can hear it by clicking here.

I must admit, I've been ready for Christmas since about mid-November.  A little extreme, I know, but it's just such a wonderful time of year filled with love, family and friends.  Not to mention all of the delicious treats, beautiful decorations, and classic movies.

Last year we had a mild tree malfunction, basically boiling down to the fact that our big luscious tree had lost about 85% of it's needles by Christmas day. I blame it on Lowes and the poor selection of trees that had probably been cut since October.  Definitely not the fact that I had a live tree, under a heat vent, up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving...Nope, couldn't have been that.

Anyway, this year I decided to quell my early urges to pick out our live tree by putting up a small fake one in the kitchen.  Growing up, my mom always had two trees; A traditional tree and a pretty tree, as I liked to call it.  Always a sucker for something that shines, I've collected several different ornaments that do just that.  And with that, I give you my "Gold Tree":

I'm sure my sister is shuttering just by looking at this picture.  Not because she wouldn't think it looks nice, she just has an extreme, unreasonable fear and general hatred for anything gold.  I was only able to wait until the second week of December for our real tree.  Bubba and I finally had a free day to wonder around the Christmas tree farm in Charlotte and we found the perfect tree!  Ok, there actually isn't ANYTHING perfect about it, other than the fact that it's ours.  Out of all the trees they'd freshly cut, tall or short, fat or skinny, I just had to have one that was still rooted in the ground.  It met all of my criteria, it was a good 12 feet tall to compliment our cathedral style ceilings, it was skinny so it would easily fit through our old cottage doors, and it was already decked with decorations- there were still pine cones attached throughout it. I'm not so sure it met Bubba's criteria as it was super tall, equaling super expensive, the trunk curves like an 's' nearly the entire way up, and it still had pine cones attached throughout it.  Either way, once we got it home and decorated, we knew it was just right for us.  I like to think of it as our "old-school" tree:

The last is a somewhat stalkerish looking photo, but I thought it would be neat to get a picture of our old-time tree through our old-time windows in the front of the house.  I don't want to give away all of our Christmas cheer and excitement in one post, so this is it for now.  But stay tuned for some photos of our home and pier in lights, you won't be disappointed! And now for an unexpected dinner date with the hubs...

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