Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Welcome to my 100th blog post!  So terribly exciting, I know...  But seriously.  I started this blog somewhat as a dedication to the beautiful place I call home; Southern Maryland, Colton's Point to be exact.  And much to my surprise, I've kept up with it better than I thought I would.  I really just like to share the things I love, the things I find beautiful, and even sometimes the things I just don't understand. 

I have been slacking a little on my blogging, so I'll take this 100th post as an opportunity to catch up on lost time.  So what's been happening on Point Breeze Road lately? A lot...let's catch up :)

First I have to share with you a photo that I just love. 

Some people may look at this picture and think, big deal it's a kid sitting on a woman's lap.  But to me there is just something so calming and comfortable about it.  One of my best friends, and Bubba's cousin Amanda is one of the kindest and caring person I've ever met.  And to me her nurturing nature just shines through in this picture holding her cousin and our nephew, Jake.  I love it.

Next on the list of 'goings ons', our annual Blessing of the Fleet party.  Every year during the first weekend of October, the wonderful people of the St. Clements Island Museum host the Blessing of the Fleet.  Originally designed to Bless the watermen's boats before the season began, it has turned into quite an ordeal, with food vendors, boat rides to the island, craft tables and even live entertainment.  Living in the neighborhood, we use the opportunity to throw a party for our family and friends, and wrap up the night with everyone gathered in the front yard to watch the incredible fireworks that the event puts on.  Thanks to all who came this year and made our party so much fun!

Our lives have been pretty non-stop since the wedding, but that's ok.  We're young and we can handle it.  We got to make a short little day trip to the Eastern Shore recently to visit my new sister-in-law and her fiance.  I've really only ever visited that area in the summer, for trips to the beach, but I have to say it is still pretty sweet even with the seasons beginning to change.  Driving into Ocean City for a warm breezy walk on the beach was just what the Doctor ordered for us.  Such a great day!

[This picture, below, reminds me of the book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven]

Love dressing up for Halloween, but like staying home to pass out candy on the actual day of the spooktacular event?  Try having a specially themed party in the weeks prior to Halloween.  For example, I recently attended a "Witches Brew" complete with a diverse group of witches and deliciously devilish food and drinks.

Hope you enjoyed this little catch-up blog!  And make sure you check back soon for more updates :)

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