Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Random Evening

Yesterday was one for the record books in regards to bizarre-ness.  The work day went by fairly quickly and was very busy since my new co-worker and office mate started yesterday.  And that went really well, not bizarre, just busy.  All of the crazy started happening around 2:15.

Yes, I'm referring to the Casey Anthony trial and don't worry, I'll spare you my ranting and raving.  I'm simply going to state that only in America, in 2011, can a clearly sociopathic woman spew lie after lie, get away with murder because she's mislead and pointed fingers at everyone within eyesight, and without a doubt will become a pseudo-celebrity.  True, the majority of America is enraged and hates her with a passion, but the obsession that we've all had with her and this trial has only given her what she wants.  All eyes on her, attention, fame, the limelight.  She is loving it.  The best thing anyone could ever do is forget about the horrible piece of trash she really is and never mention her name again.  No book deals.  No movie deals.  And dear Lord, no Playboy, Hustler, etc. deals.  Would anyone really believe her story or "tell all" at this point anyway?  Not me...

Ok, let me step off my soapbox now.  So with all the frustration I had after a busy day at work and the discouraging news that Casey Anthony was declared "Not Guilty" of anything that actually mattered, I decided to take my moms kayak out on the river to relieve some stress.  As I'm out paddling there are about 6 or 7 kids splashing around and cooling off in the public part of the beach.  Then I hear a very grouchy woman yell to them to, "Get the F#*K out of the water."  Apparently they had an appointment at the playground that just couldn't wait...And people wonder what's wrong with society today...Irresponsible Parents.

Whatever, some people just aren't nice.  That wasn't going to stop me from enjoying my evening.  So I continue with my kayak ride and eventually make it back to the house.  Once it was cool enough I went outside to water our flowerbeds.  I only made it to the tree in the front yard when two TINY baby bunnies came shooting out at me.  So small you could hold them in the palm of your hand, but there were certainly ready to run!  I called Bubba to come look and since there is a ratio of about 3 rabbits per yard in Colton's Point, he thought it would be a good idea to catch them and take them to his parents farm.  They like to keep rabbits at the farm since they have hunting dogs that they like to train.  They don't kill them, just use them to train the dogs, so don't think we were capturing them to transport them to their death or anything.  Apparently it's a little harder to catch these little fellas than my dear husband thought.  He got one and the next thing I knew he was shirtless (trying to throw it over the bunnies to catch them) in our neighbors front yard running around like a crazy person.  He finally caught another one to equal two, but that wasn't enough...he wanted more.  So I sprayed the area where they were hiding again and out shot number 3 and off he flew, this time across the yard to our OTHER neighbors yard.  Bubba took off.  I would like to that that particular bunny for the entertainment he provided me as my husband was trying to keep up with him.  I truly think I saw the bunny run a figure 8 through Bubba's legs...

While the wild chase for the bunnies continued behind me, I started to water the rest of the flowers when a pick up truck slowly rolls up, "Hey Girl...How are you?"

"Fine, how are you?"

"I'm good, have you heard from Peg?"

Ok, clearly this guy is hammered because he's slurring his words and thinks I'm someone else.  But it is almost dark so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.  "Oh, I must have the wrong house...wait, no, this is it, where is she? Are you a Blackistone?"  By she I'm assuming he means our old landlord who sold us the house, so I tell him she sold it to us earlier this year and now lives elsewhere.  After a 10 minute, one sided conversation on how he knew her, where he lives, and how he drives down to look at the water every night I thought he was about to leave.  Nope.  He randomly blurts out, "You know, Henry blew his brains out here."


"Well, maybe it wasn't in the house, I can't remember, but he did definitely shoot himself.  Blew is brains out. *POW* (making the gun noise).  At this point Bubba has made his way over to me to see what the heck was going on, I introduced him and the man replies, "Bubba? I saw you at WalMart yesterday.  Hubba Bubba!  You know, the bubble gum..."  He finally leaves since it's now completely dark out.

Finally we make our way to Mechanicsville to drop off the little bunnies to their new home.  What a night.

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  1. Only in Colton's Point! :) Now you've got me wondering about this "Henry"....