Friday, July 8, 2011

Bursting at the Seams

Ok, so believe it or not, there is actually good reason for my blogging negligence. And even though it's not 100% up and running and ready to go, I just can't hold it in any longer.  In an attempt to turn a hobby into a business, my mom, sister, and myself are venturing into the wonderful world of Etsy and eBay.

Because my head is constantly filled with a marketing outlook on life, we've decided to take the branding I've bestowed upon myself, "Point Breeze Post" and expand it to our core venture: Etsy.  Our Etsy shop is going to be titled, "Point Breeze Cottage".  Here we will take our passion for yard sale-picking, estate sale-digging, and thrift shop-searching and offer it to you for your everyday home decor needs.

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Our main focus is giving a new life to an old, vintage piece that has seen its better days.  We have coined this as "ReFabulous Furniture" and it will be our primary source of products.  We will also be offering unique, vintage glassware and other home decor items you won't find at HomeGoods or Marshalls.  Every piece is a certified "vintage" item, meaning it is at least 20 years or older.

And we aren't just posting things we find for cheap for a quick turnaround.  We are searching for items that tell a story, that bring a sense of adventure or history to your home.  Our write-ups also contain helpful decorating tips that coincide with each item.

So is the world ready for Point Breeze Cottage? You better be!  Here's a sneak peek at one of the first items we've made "ReFabulous" and is ready to be listed for sale:



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  1. As funky as that old brown shelf was, your before shot really doesn't make it look that bad! Doing a little seaside cottage shabby chic treatment to it definitely brought it up to date, but I had to lol when I saw the first picture because, DANG! in that photo it isn't quite as rickity and homely as I remember! Must be the quality work of the photographer, huh?