Thursday, August 18, 2011


It is absolutely shameful that it has taken me so long to get a new blog post up.  Busy is in understatement in my life right now, but that's no excuse.  I love my little blog and need to show it some more affection, so here it goes.

I haven't posted anything since July 8th (well over a month ago) and there are a few changes that I'd like to note.

1.  My hair is pretty short now, and I love it.  My "prep time" in the mornings is now cut in half!

2.  Our sweet little niece and nephew are growing up at light speed.  Could they be any cuter?

3.  Our favorite neighbor turned 80, and boy do he and his family know how to throw a party! Tractors, wagons, golf carts, boats, sailor-girl servers, boat display food tables...amazing.

4.  Our etsy shop, Point Breeze Cottage, has sold several items and is surprisingly doing quite well.  We are currently working on some exciting, new furniture pieces so keep an eye on our site for them!

5.  Finally, we were able to check off a couple lines on our bucket lists.  We traveled to London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and York.  There will be a much more extensive post on this to follow soon (I promise!)

If there are any followers out there still, I am sorry for the lack of blogging and will be more consistent from now on, you have my word! :)

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