Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene Invades the Point pt.1

Well, I guess I wasn't quick enough...I was trying to post this on Saturday before we lost such luck! In fact, Colton's Point is still without case you're curious, here is what I was trying to post on Saturday:

Luckily and shockingly, we still have power.  For now anyway.  Unless you live under a rock, you probably know that the East Coast is getting pummeled right now by hurricane Irene.  We started seeing her effects early this morning with steady rain and a few wind-gusts here and there.  I actually even ventured out to The Shipping Store this morning to send our latest PBC sale to its new, rightful owner. (More about this later, because it's really exciting!)
 Anyway, I made it back to Colton's Point around noon and Irene's tentacles were just starting to stretch up the Potomac River.  Since we've only lived here for 3 years, we haven't had the pleasure of experiencing a hurricane, especially of this magnitude.  How do when know when enough is enough?  Will our house be under water once high tide comes in?  What does insurance cover?  Are our neighbors home so we can retreat to their second story if need be? Lots of questions...Here is what I saw when I came home around 12pm Saturday:

So after some rain, rain and more rain, we decided to call our neighbors and see what their plan for the storm was.  He reassured us that they've lived through things like this before, that they are staying put and let us know that we were welcome to make our way over for a drink!  Well, there was our answer.  We aren't going anywhere, unless it's next door.

Our electricity went out for a grand total of an hour, maybe?!  And has been on ever since.  Let's just hope it lasts.  It did give me the opportunity to do a little cooking and we watched a movie I've been dying to see ever since I read the book.  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  We watched the original version (subtitles and all) and it was very good.  As always, I think the book was much more detailed and more entertaining, but that's ok.

Yikes, the wind and rain is really picking up so I better post this video of our front yard during Irene's pre-storm, probably around 2:30pm Saturday...

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