Friday, September 2, 2011

Irene Invades the Point Part 2

Oh, Irene.  You put a hurtin' on the East Coast indeed.  Vermont is still suffering from your wrath as I type.  You gave Colton's Point quite a scare too.  Luckily though, there wasn't too much damage to material things such as homes, piers or people.  What took the brunt of your power were the old trees in the neighborhood.

We were out of power from Saturday night until Tuesday afternoon due to downed trees and power-lines. Looking back at the strength of this storm however, we are very fortunate that was the only real problem we had.  We did happen to lose one tree in our backyard, but to be completely honest, I didn't even realize it was there!  Excuse my language, but we have something I like to call the "Shit Shed" because it's an eyesore to the entire neighborhood and is filled with vines, old paint cans, groundhogs, bottles, and who knows what else that the previous owners never got rid of.  I understand the theory behind keeping the shed there...if we ever wanted to add on, we could use the square footage from that shed and add it to our house.  Mother nature has a funny way of working though.  

You see this shed was wedged between our garage and a huge old tree.  Apparently there was another tree between the garage and shed too.  Well, this unknown tree uprooted during the storm and just so happened to fall over on the "shit shed".  Take a look:

Yes, believe it or not ^THAT^ is a shed under all those vines and branches...

A view from the other side/back of our house.

So that was truly the extent of our damage from hurricane Irene.  Unless you count having to throw away pretty much everything in our refrigerator.  Here are a few pictures of what the water looked like and some damage around the neighborhood.  Irene didn't actually arrive until it was already dark, so I was only able to document the river during the "pre-hurricane" and "post-hurricane".

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