Friday, September 30, 2011

Built for Comfort

If the words of my brother-in-law, "My body is built for comfort, not speed."  Me and you both, Mike.  And it just so happens that we both married into a family that was entirely built for speed.  That and they may have a little bit more motivation than we do. Maybe...

Last weekend we packed up the Volvo and headed over to Ocean City, MD.  Several weeks ago, my sister-in-law Ashley suggested we all sign up for the Hidden Treasures 5K and run it as a family.  A little background for those of you who don't know:  Bubba has been running since he was a boy and went to college on a Cross Country scholarship to a Division 1 NCAA school and won his share of races which even includes 3 Big South Championships.  To simply call him a "runner" is an understatement.  His dad, Adrian, or as he is known to some, "Pop Pop-Pee Wee" was always Bub's personal trainer and running companion. His mom, Sheila, has the determination and build for running.  Ashley ran cross country in high school, and according to Bubba, could have been way better than he was.  His other sister, Sarah and her husband Adam are in great shape and actually enjoy running.

And then there was me.  The closest I'd been to a race was watching them run around the school during field hockey practice in high school, or nearly taking them out in my car during marathons, 5ks, etc. around town. There was a time when I could run up and down a basketball court or field hockey field for hours on end, and even then the thought of running a mile or multiple miles made me cringe.  And now that I'm out of shape, it not only makes me cringe, but sends me into somewhat of a panic.  Needless to say, I never agreed to run in the race, but I did agree to go and support the family.  And that is exactly what I did.  Poor Sarah was/is sick and ended up not being able to run, so she and the kids kept me company and showed me the ropes of a 5K/race.

The runners - and Mike - before the race started.

I think Bub was having second thoughts about running.  Did I mention he didn't even register for the race?  Proof that not EVERY race lets you register the day of...

My pretty little, race day buddy :)

And they are off! Adam and Bub (to the right) ran together the whole race and kept each other going up until the end when Bub had to veer off and come through the front door instead of the finish line since he wasn't registered.

Stretching it out after the race...Jakey wanted to stretch too! Adorable...

Sheila won the silver medal for her age group with a time of  36:56.8

Pee-Wee brought home the gold medal for his age group with a time of 27:02.2

Adam, far right, came in 3rd place for the entire race with a time of  23:28.2!

All the participants in the race!  Good job, guys!  

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