Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Guest Bedroom Escapades

Our quaint little cottage is just that.  Little.  We remind ourselves constantly that it was built in 1929, and let's just say they didn't really do anything big back then.  But that's ok, we LOVE our cottage and wouldn't trade it for the world. When we officially made it ours and purchased it back in February, we knew we wanted to change some things around.  We transformed our bedroom, as you saw HERE, and we were planning on making our "dressing room" into a full-fledged Guest Bedroom.   (Long story short, we slept in one room, and kept our clothes in the other since the closet space in our bedroom was so non-functional)

So here we are, we've moved our old queen bed into the "dressing room" and have been trying to find a few key items that will give it more of a Guest Room feel.  But first things first:  Get rid of the insane asylum white walls.

While shopping at Lowes with my mom, who also happens to be updating her home, she pointed out the section of wall paper that is designed to be painted over.  I feel in love, because I just knew it would bring that extra bit of dimension and texture to the stark white room.  We are only going to do the one, full length wall behind the bed kind of as an accent wall.  Did I mention our bedding in there is white as well, thankfully with a few blue accents.

I priced out the wallpaper and paint, got the "ok" from my accountant aka Bubba and got to work.  The goal was that this would be my project, that I would do myself so Bub could work on other big projects out in the garage (more on that later...).  Needless to say, it quickly turned into a two man job.  It might have been easier if I had ever put up wallpaper, or at least seen it being done before.  So much for winging it.

Three and a half hours and many many many F-bombs later (from my, mind you, not Bub) we had a lovely wall of fresh wallpaper ready to be painted.  I'm pretty embarrassed to say this but we made one crucial mistake when we were in the prep stages.  If this hadn't of happened, it probably would have been a much more enjoyable experience.  But it happened, and we paid for it.  Considering that the odds against us however, we were able to match the pattern up pretty perfectly except for this one square....yes, one odd ball square.  Don't ask, because I couldn't even being to tell you how it happened...

Next step: Applying the "South Pacific" blue paint. :) And hopefully redeeming ourselves from the square incident...

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