Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo(s) of the Day - Ducks and Muskrats

2.3.12 - Photo of the Day

Meet Affie, the newest resident of Milestown Oak Lane. She (or he, I'm not really sure) likes to hang out on the pond at my parents house. Affie is very tame and most likely lost, but everyone has taken to her and enjoys bringing her bits or bread or corn.

2.4.12 - Photo of the Day

Now I'd like you to meet the Bushwood Muskrats! (From Left to Right) Adam Link, Marci Morris, Dan Simpson, Mindy Hill, Boyd Shoemaker, Adam Lyon, Bubba Hill and Adrian Hill, Sr.

A local store and bar in the 7th, Quade's, holds trivia once a month and last night we made an appearance and actually took home the gold! Ok, well we took home 4 shirts, two line green hats straight from the '80s and several beer koozies, but it still felt great to win. Way to go, Muskrats!

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