Sunday, February 12, 2012

Uh Oh - Forgotten Photos of the Day

2.9.12 - Photo of the Day

 I had to duck out of work early on Thursday to pay the Advanced Orthopedic Specialists a visit. Good news? My elbow bones are healthy. The bad news? My elbow muscles and tendons are not. Nothing that cannot be fixed though!

2.10.12 - Photo of the Day

Friday I went to cheer on my cousin, Myles, as he and the Great Mills freshman team went up against Leonardtown. LHS barely nudged by them late in the 4th.

2.11.12 - Photo of the Day

The most beautiful baby girl I know.

2.12.12 - Photo of the Day

We got the tiniest bit of snow Saturday's about time it started to feel like winter!

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