Monday, August 31, 2009

Cooler Weather

With the drastic drop in temperature today, I've gotten into the "Autumn Spirit". Fall has always been my favorite season and I'm ready for it to get here already! Leaves turning, wardrobes changing and temperatures falling are just a few of the reasons why I love, and am looking forward to, fall.

The wardrobe change is quite possibly what I love most about fall. Starting in late September the weather has cooled just enough for you to wear shorts and a hoodie. Ahh, now to me, that is the most comfortable outfit around. As we move into October, the sun is still strong, but daylight is limited, as are the higher temperatures. Now we are wearing jeans and long sleeves, with the possibility of layers. Sweet, sweet layers! :)

Fall is such a fabulous time of year. As soon as I smell that autumn air I think of Field Hockey, bonfires, smores, Halloween, Thanksgiving and shopping. What could be better?

Now, for your viewing pleasure, some random pictures I've taken:

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