Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Time Summer...or Fall...

(Idea board/what represents an Old Time Summer)

"Old Time Summer" is what my favorite little brother likes to call the time he spends running around the 7th district hanging out on the water, fishing, tubing, maybe even drinking a little...My description, as he will surely tell you, doesn't quite do it justice. However, I'll do my best: It's the feeling you get cruising around the back roads with your windows down and music up; the distinct smell of the "rivah"; the sensation that runs through your body when you look outside and realize the sun is shining, the wind is gently blowing and you just KNOW you're day is going to be filled with smiles, laughter and good friends...OTS.

To me, this past weekend is a pretty great example of an OTS, except it was more like an "Old Time Fall". The first weekend in October is always one of my favorites for two reasons: The Sotterley Wine Festival and the Blessing of the Fleet. The WineFest is somewhat of a tradition for my mom, sister and I, attending every year and drinking our fill of the sweetest wines from each vendor. We then head down to Colton's Point for what I consider the celebration of everything 7th district: The Blessing of the Fleet. With a blessing of the boats, more delicious food than you can imagine (even fried Oreos), bands, magician, craft vendors, artists and boat rides to St. Clements Island, this festival represents what many people down our way hold near and dear to their hearts; Tradition and Heritage. This year was even better than all the years past, since I live only three houses down from the museum, where it's held. The best part? Getting to enjoy the spectacular fireworks display from my front yard with dear friends and family.

(It should be called butterfly island, not St. Clement's Island!)

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  1. A memorable weekend to be sure. Thank you for sharing your home and your hospitality with us dear daughter!! And Bubba :)
    Life is good when you are relaxing on the pier, sipping on a glass of wine enjoying the full moon's reflection, while Joe Webb's singing drifts softly through the air from the stage all the way down to your house. MEMORIES BEING MADE!