Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's going on?

Ok, so I try to keep most of my blog posts happy, positive and upbeat. No one likes to dwell on the negative, but I want to talk about something that has been weighing extremely heavy on my heart lately.

I'll never forget that Wednesday evening my dad pulled up to my house and didn't get out of the truck. Lucky for him I had seen him coming down the road, so I ran out of the house to say hello. I'd gone home sick from work that day, so I'd been lounging around all day and had a sudden burst of energy. Greeting him with my normal, "What's happening Jeb!" his typical carefree grin wasn't all there as he answered, "well, Adam's missing..."

The back story: Adam's mother, Brenda, and my dad have the same father, making them half brother and sister. They never really grew up together, despite their close ages and location, and this is something that my dad and our family truly regret.

Adam's missing? Where'd he go? I haven't seen him in years, would I even recognize him? These were all the thoughts running through my head. Feeling like I needed to do something to help I buckled in next to my dad and drove around the 7th District looking for Adam and his Black S-10. We never found Adam, but the next day the police did. Adam is no longer with us, after an intentional auto accident. Adam took his own life at only 18 years young. The next week was absolutely heart-breaking to witness. I've never seen my dad so down in the dumps, let alone Brenda and her family. I imagine losing a child is like having part of your own soul ripped out of you, but I'm sure those who have experienced this will tell me it's much worse. Those next few days felt like I was outside of my body just watching the sadness and despair that swept over so many people who knew Adam.

Back to the point of my blog: I want to know when all of this tragedy is going to end. This afternoon, another young teen took his own life in the 7th District. Just over a year ago, a teenage friend of the family took his own life too, again in the 7th District. Are we tainted? What is the deal? I know we aren't the only people to experience this kind of thing, but it's just a bit unsettling. Children today, and yes I still consider teenagers children since in the scheme of things they are still very young, need to talk more. At Adam's funeral, Dr. Morales told all of us in attendance that we need to talk. Why bottle things up inside? Find someone to talk to, I'm begging you! No matter how bad it seems, you have to remember that you are still young and that life goes on. It doesn't stop, it doesn't pause, it doesn't linger...it keeps moving.

Rest In Peace Adam Palmer Burch~You will be missed by so many.

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