Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am on the verge of picking up my phone and giving that big white structure in Washington D.C. filled with suit-clad men and women running around inside it a call. Why? Because I have a question that no one can seem to answer for me. And it's all stemming from my trip to the pharmacy the other day.

Let me start by telling you that I have to frequent the pharmacy at least once a month, if not more. Unpleasant, but necessary. So I'm used to the slow lines, common mistakes and co-pays. But what I don't understand? The driven force behind so much pharmaceutical sales...the mighty Insurance Companies.

Question: If a Doctor examines me, diagnoses me, and prescribes me a medication, why does the insurance company have the right to tell me, "No, you cannot have that"? My Doctors office called in 3 prescriptions for me this past week (nothing serious, in case anyone out there thinks I'm about to croak or something...) and when I go to pick them up, I can only get one. 1 out of 3. And they all work together to solve the common problem. How am I supposed to get better if they won't let me have prescription 2 and 3? In the words of the rude boy at the counter, "Your insurance doesn't accept it, so you're going to need to have your Doctor call and authorize it."

Ok, why would my Doctor prescribe it for me if she didn't think I needed it? Probably because she's money hungry and just wants to give out the most expensive products possible...COME ON! I mean yes, with some people that could be a possibility, but everyone knows you have to PAY for QUALITY.

To spare everyone out there from having to hear me rant and rave, I simply want to know who gave the insurance companies their doctoral degree and allowed them to override Doctors orders. So frustrating-you'd think a country as "advanced" as ours would be able to get a handle on Health Care...not so much...

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  1. I'll spare you the b*tch fest, but seriously, I understand your frustration.....