Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pink Light

The calm before the storm that never came...Yesterday evening Bubba and I were planning on taking out the old canoe for a little paddle, but the news was calling for storms, the leaves were curling up, and the waves picked up pace.  So we pulled her back in and decided we better not risk it just in case a storm did come. 

I should have known better though.  They've been calling for rain for the past week and a half and we haven't seen a drop yet.  Mother nature sure was acting like she was ready for a good soaking last night, but was nothing but a tease.  When the sky started casting a pink light on everything in the Point I thought for sure the storm was coming.  I was wrong, but at least I got a few pretty pictures:

[I know the humidity is horrible for my camera, but I couldn't resist snapping a few shots.  Our neighbors roof line is just beautiful against the cloudy sky.]

[If anyone knows what kind of tree this is can you please let me know?  This one is in our front yard and we have another in the back.  The only other place we've seen them is out on the island.]

[You could cut the humidity and mugginess with a knife.  It gives the beach an eerie look.]

[The pink glow on the water was so pretty and peaceful.]

[I was busy taking pictures of the water, when I turned around to find the clouds were back lit with pink and purple light and were just heavenly.]


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