Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

I have had so many great things to blog about lately but haven't had 5 minutes to sit down and actually type it out.  I'm so excited about this post, even though it may have been about a month ago when it actually happened!

My husband has two passions in life: hunting and farming.  He is a country boy through and through and I love him for that.  So you can only imagine his excitement when he and his grandfather, who we call Pop, went turkey hunting this spring.  Apparently in his younger days Pop was more of a deer, pheasant and rabbit hunter, and since Bubba has gotten into turkey hunting, they've been determined to get Pop a turkey. 

And they did just that.  As Pop said, "83 years old and STILL putting dinner on the table!"  He has such a great sense of humor, I see where Bubba and his dad get it from.  Check out this 22lb. bird Bubba called in and Pop shot.  I'm no hunting expert, but I have to say I think they did pretty good.

[I couldn't get over all the different colors and patterns of feathers turkeys have.]

[Pop and his prize, which they cooked and had for their meal that Sunday.]

[Shot of the 'fan'.]

[He was an old, big bird.  His spurs were so big they could hang him from them...]

[Who would have thought turkey feathers would have such a pretty color?!]

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