Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Throw Some Glitter, Make it Rain!

I glittered out the blog, and I hope everyone likes it! :)  There isn't much that a little glitter can't fix...

Things have been pretty busy in the Hill House lately, so I apologize for the lack of bloggage.  This weekend was the weekend of beautiful babies.  Besides the fact that it was my dad's 50th birthday (and he happened to be a beautiful, round baby) it was also Memorial Day weekend.  Even though it's not officially the season of Summer, this is the weekend that always kicks it off.  At least for our family :)

Saturday I got to hang out with some of the prettiest babies I know: Jake and Nora, our nephew and niece.  Jakey will be 3 in about a week, so I guess he's really turning into a big boy now more than a baby...but that's too sad to think about :'(  Here they both are, hanging out on the farm during this sunny weekend.

[Such a happy baby with her Mommy]

[Relaxing in the shade with her Daddy]

[Just a Swingin']

[He took a break from the swing to go rabbit hunting]

[Jakey found one sittin'!!]

Even though I don't have a picture of the next precious baby I saw this weekend, I still want to tell you about her.  Ava Renee Gruber was baptised this weekend at Holy Angels Church and I was lucky enough to be invited.  She is such a tiny thing (like her Momma) and just as cute as she can be!  Ava did very well throughout the baptism and didn't hardly make a peep.  Her Mom, and my former roommate, Renee, was beaming with joy.  Motherhood suits she and her husband, Rob, you can see the happiness all over their faces!

These next babies get bigger every time I see them.  They are my sister Marci's babies, but I still like to spoil and love on them.  Eve came down to my house for a walk one day last week and got to go for a ride in the Volvo!

[Sweetest, prettiest girl ever!]

[Samson on "stage" at Marci and Adam's new place!]

And finally we went to a cookout at my aunt and uncles house for Memorial Day.  A blog post about "babies" wouldn't be complete without featuring their "babies".  Sophie and Ella, and miss Paris, Brittney's dog, was there too.  Referred to as "the babies" in their house, these dogs rule the roost!

[This was the best shot I could get of Sophie, she was too busy running around starting trouble]

[The newest "baby", Paris.  Brittney's sweet pup.]

[Finally, the cute and cuddly Ella.  Her allergies to everything keep her under the weather, but isn't she just so cute?!]

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