Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Sunday Edition

This is the kind of Sunday I love.  I haven't left the Point, yet I've gotten so much accomplished.  Nothing was really planned out or scheduled and that is just how we liked it.  After sleeping in a little bit we started our day by dividing up some household chores. While Bubba took a run to the dump I got busy washing the front of our house.  Last night we missed the old screen that was around our porch for about 3.5 seconds when we realized that the porch was covered in bugs and gnats trying to maneuver their way in the house.  Since Bubba attacked them with Raid, there was a little bit of a dead bug-mess to clean up, along with the coat of pollen yellowing our white paint.

Bubba came home and started staining the floor of the porch and I decided to make my way out to the pier for a little sunshine.  I grabbed my new edition of Garden and Gun and made sure the Zac Brown Band station was streaming on Pandora and I was set.  I tried to limit myself since I know the first time out I always burn.  Once Bubba finished staining the porch we headed in for lunch and a few more chores.  And we also like to throw some relaxing in there every now and then too.  I'm getting my blog time in and Bubs getting his nap time in!

I'm going to try and start doing a weekly Sunday post with a few cell phone pictures from the week.  So here it is:

[The yard sale items weren't the only cool things I found this weekend.  I was looking for some light bulbs and found my way to a cabinet above the refrigerator that I don't normally look in.  Well apparently our landlord didn't want this adorable little basket that was being used to hold plastic utensils for a picnic or party.  I thought it was so cute, and it actually matches the new look of our guess room too, so that is where it will reside now.]

[Even though it's a little blurry, I wore the new scarf my mom bought me this week to work.  It's not name brand, and it's not super fancy, but it is very soft and very pretty.  And the perfect length!  I hate wearing a scarf that is just a little bit too short. My mom accompanied me to a doctors appointment last week and wanted to pick me up something at Tyson's Corner Center since my new Doctor was right across the street.  So this is what I wanted, and I love it!]

[Finally, here is an evening shot of the shoreline from our pier this past week.  I had just gotten back from taking a walk and wanted to soak in the moonlight on the water.  You really can't see it that good in a cell phone picture, but you'll have to trust me on this one, there isn't much prettier than the moonlight cascading across the River.]

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and good luck tomorrow, I know how tough Monday's can be!

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