Saturday, May 21, 2011

Yard Sale Success

It's 5:00am on a Saturday morning and I'm getting dressed and ready to start my day.  I typically like to catch up on all of the sleep I miss during the week days over the weekend, but today is different.  Today we yard sale.

Searching for that special bargain must be family trait.  My mother, grandmother, aunt and sister all trekked around the county to different yard sales looking for those few discounted diamonds in the rough.  And diamonds we found! 

"One mans trash is another mans treasure." I actually believe this old quote some of the time.  Nothing is more exciting than find an old piece or furniture that another individual no longer has a use for, is outdated, or just not tickling their fancy anymore and making it your own. Today was a great day for our crew, everyone of us walked away with at least one major item that we plan on refinishing, customizing to make it our own and putting it in our houses.  Check out some of my awesome finds!

[Let's start with my smaller ticket items.  First we have this lovely copy of Van Gogh's Night Stars.  I'm not too crazy over the gold frame, but I do really love the artwork.  And it just so happens that I recently re-did our "guest room" and the colors will match perfectly.

Stay tuned, once I either paint the frame or find a new one I'll be sure to post the before and afters.]

[And what do we have here? A cute little lamp shade.  After a sudden realization that almost every room in my house is accessorizeded in blue, I made the executive decision to add some red into the mix.  The living room is the next portion of the house that needs to be Hill-ified and since I already have a few small red accents I thought this would be a great addition.]

[I swear this looks an awful lot like a vanity chair I had when I was about 6 years old.  Regardless, I had to have it.  We're almost finished with our bedroom re-do and this is one of the last pieces I needed.  I'm going to look for the perfect fabric to cover it and a fresh coat of spray paint and she'll be good to go.  I can't wait to finish this room and show the world our results!]

[My second favorite find of the day?  Right here.  It may not look like much now, but just picture it with some fresh red and white fabric, a coat of white paint (maybe, still not 100% on the color), and the perfect positioning in my living room.]

[Please feast your eyes on the deal of the century.  At a yard sale benefiting Little Flower School, I walked in to find the most appropriate and perfect couch for our front porch.  I was sold without even looking at the price tag, but when I did I couldn't believe my eyes. 

Slashed down from $150 to $75 and hardly a scratch on it.  It's reinforced slipcovers are flawless and the kind man who sold it to me even helped load it into the truck.  At another stop I was asked if I bought it from the Vintage Source.  Funny, I told her, our plan was to hit the Vintage Source on the way home as our last stop, but who needs them when there were incredible deals like these out there? Don't get me wrong, I love the Vintage Source, but since we'd already found so much we had no reason to go.]


  1. Mindy, today was so much fun! And exhausting! Shhhhh....don't give away our stealthy yard saling secrets! :) j k! Hey, when the folks on hgtv score a "second hand find" that's just a fancy term for what you did today! Wonderful you can see potential in the myriad of unique "stuff" out there.