Sunday, June 14, 2009

Being a Rockstar

Everyone has a soul-mate, but very few are so lucky to find theirs. This weekend I saw two people who I believe are truly, genuinely soul-mates. I usually cringe when I hear about people marrying their "high school sweetheart" however these two really have a great thing, and it's beautiful. After giving it some thought as to how you can be with someone at such a young age and continue to grow and love with them, I've decided that it takes two very unique and special people. Being a teen, and even young adult, can be awkward and a real struggle to know who you actually are and to be okay with that. The majority of people don't know who they truly are at such a young age, but there are a handful out there that do. And when two of these types of people meet and fall in love, you know it's meant to be and will most certainly last. I saw this kind of friendship/love/bond - whatever you want to call it - this weekend and have no doubt that they are meant to be and will be forever happy.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be "Mrs. Rudman" aka my cousin Sarah on her wedding that is sure to be beautiful and is quickly approaching!

In honor of Sarah's special day and up-coming nuptials, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane to the days of the rock band: "Blue Denim". Blue Denim rocked the stage (or bedroom) to songs like, "Rockin' Robin", "I Saw the Sign" and multiple songs from the "Grease" soundtrack. With admission prices at a very affordable $0.50 a pop and even special guest performances from Brittney the dancer, the group had some great times. Below are some shots of the group in their early years, their peak performing days, and current day. I believe I feel a reunion tour in the works!

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  1. Thanks for such a fun post, Mindle! You 4 girls; each so unique and different from one another, and all so beautiful! Gina Tim Jeb and I were blessed! (Plus we got a bonus thrown in there at the last minute with good ol' Tyler!!)