Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mr. Mallard Drake

I couldn't help but admire the lonesome duck lounging on my neighbors pier yesterday afternoon on my way home from work. With a high tide and white caps crashing everywhere, this guy was just sitting on the pier enjoying his evening. I thought to myself, 'what a crazy duck!' but figured he'd move along and find some other ducks to hang out with. Then to my surprise as I'm heading up Point Breeze Road this morning, there he was again, just waddling back and forth on the pier as if he owned it!

Now I'm not a huge wildlife or animal person, BUT living in Colton's Point has given me a new found respect for them! There are little animals everywhere and they are just as content and happy as can be. Within the first week of moving down there, my mom and I helped rescue an injured Osprey, I've had multiple run-ins with my little groundhog "friend", I crossed paths with a slimy black snake last week and now there is a duck keeping an eye on my neighbors' pier for them!

(My most recent sighting of my groundhog "friend" who is terrorizing my flowerbeds! Too bad I couldn't catch him dancing around like last time...)

Oh and I almost forgot my favorite addition to the neighborhood-Scruffles, the dog. Ok, so his name probably isn't Scruffles, I don't have a clue what his name is, BUT he is the cutest little dog in the Point. He likes to keep guard of the old Potomac Gardens store! Many mornings on my way to work I catch him sitting outside the front door, right next to the daily newspaper. Please mind you that "Scruffles" is quite the guard dog...He probably isn't much bigger than my cat Max, and has the cutest curly black coat! He is an adorable sight to see-I'll be sure to post his picture as soon as I have time to snap one on my way in to work.

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