Friday, June 26, 2009


I have a confession to make: I want to be a 1950’s housewife. Okay, well maybe the 40's, 50's or early 60’s. Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong decade. Everything about that era is so streamlined and clean. From the clothes to the cars, the music to the movies; Every last detail fascinates me. The lifestyle and mindset that people from that time generally had is simple and respectable. Of course I could very easily be romanticizing this, but that’s ok, just go with it.

Those days just seemed so much ‘easier’ and I use that term loosely because I understand that families may have physically worked harder than those today to earn the things they wanted. The way in which I mean ‘easier’ is in terms of stress, sadness and youth. I enjoy the idea of the 1940's - 60's being wholesome and innocent so to speak. (Reality Check: I am well aware that all things weren’t butterflies and daisies, but like I said, just go with it). Children could play outside all day without parents having to worry about a pedophile or criminal abducting them, women could stay home and raise a family without being seen as gold digger or lazy, and every intimate detail of celebrities lives weren’t laid out for the world to see.

In a world of reality television and paparazzi, you’d think that these actors, people trained to deceive you as their job, were world leaders or Pulitzer Prize winners. Now please, don’t get me wrong because there are some amazing celebrities who use their fame and wealth to make a positive difference in the world (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt come to mind) while there are others who are just dying to stay famous, no matter what embarrassment or cost (Heidi and Spencer Pratt come to mind here). My point is, back in then, there were other things that mattered to people besides when Jon and Kate are divorcing or which train-wreck forgot to put her underwear on before rolling out of her limo.

I’m stepping off my soap box now, because this wasn’t supposed to be a ranting post about how I hate America’s obsession with the media. All in all I would wear house dresses, scarves to hold my hair back, and dance to the sounds of Motown everyday if could. Dreaming of what our neighborhood was probably like in the good old days, sometimes on a Sunday morning you can catch Bubba and I dancing in our kitchen to 95.9. Lets be honest, you’re probably more likely to catch me than him, but hey a girl can dream can’t she?

Oh, and just for kicks (and to thank you for reading this fantasised post) here are a few pictures from around our yard yesterday. And no, none of them have been enhanced or edited in any way-it was just THAT pretty out last night.

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