Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet Relaxation

There's nothing like a well deserved and relaxing vacation, especially when you haven't had a good one in a few years. Hatteras Island is a beautiful and unique location that is just the spot for anyone looking to escape reality for several days. Filled with clean beaches, rolling sand dunes, a handful of specialty shops and more fishing than you can imagine, this is a place I highly recommend for anyone looking to unwind and just take it all in.

During our stay in Hatteras we spent the majority of the time at the beach. Staying the week before the "summer season" set in turned out to be a great decision. Sunny skies and a cool breeze allowed beach-goers to soak in the sun the entire day through.

Another pleasant surprise that met us in Hatteras was the Triple-S Invitational Kiteboarding Event. Hatteras Island has an ocean side and sound side; The majority of the time we spent here the sound was filled with what looked like colorful mini-parachutes. Upon closer investigation (and the help of a local paper) we determined that there was a 3-day international free-ride "world championships" going on. Now this is a sport that looks not only like a great work out, but an amazingly fun time. You will definitely catch me taking a kiteboarding lesson or two during my next trip to Hatteras!

Hatteras also gave me some insight to the lifestyle some of the locals must lead. Everything is easy, relaxed and content. The shops are each different and filled with all kinds of collectibles and cool knick-knacks and if you aren't working in a shop, real estate business or local grocery store you're probably working for some sort of natural resources landmark or business. Lighthouses, ferry's and the Wright Brothers Museum are just a few of the other local attractions you can check out while on this sweet little island.

Hatteras Island-a fabulous vacation spot for the overworked and stressed out!

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