Monday, January 11, 2010


It's a cold one out there this morning! Well, the cold actually has been lingering around all day for the past few weeks and doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. The only positive aspect I seem to be able to find about this frigid weather? It keeps me moving. Well running to be exact. It's so icy cold (especially with the wind) that I can't bare to walk from my car to the house, or into the store, or where ever I may be. And with my new "bride-to-be workout plan" in full effect, it's not a horrible thing. The more I move, the better I feel. I joined the gym, something I've never been too terribly interested in, but I took the plunge and I'm glad I did. After about a week and a half of experimenting and exploring the gym, I've finally gotten into a routine, and have to admit, I kind of like it.

I've never been one to go to the gym. I played sports my entire life, year round, and that kept me in shape and is the reason I find the gym somewhat mundane. I mean is running on the treadmill really as exciting as sprinting up and down a court, passing and shooting? Or is lifting weights as fun and rewarding as dribbling past the final defender and driving the ball into the goal on a field hockey field? No. Not even close. BUT when you grow up and realize that there aren't adult leagues for these things, the gym is the next best way to get in shape. So I'm going to tackle it with all my might over the next 8 months and hope to get myself back into the shape I want for what is surely to be one of the best days of my life!

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  1. So after your recommedation that I join a gym...and Matt's CO telling him he needed to get his butt in shape for a PT test, our family (ie Matt, Ginger and I) started running outside. I have to admit, when I move and get more financially on my feet, I'll be joining the gym with you...all I have to say is props to people who run year round... 25 degree weather really hurts your entire body... lol everything from my ears to my abs hurt last night...and still hurts this morning! Keep up the inspiring blogs, I need someone to look up to! =)