Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The right attitude

So now that it is 2010, I'm ready to start yet another chapter in my life. Yes I know, it's very cliche since most people make resolutions that they NEVER keep, but I mean it. This is going to be a great year and I want to make sure I do everything possible to make it last.

One little moment that really helped me start 2010 off on the right foot? A simple email waiting in my inbox when I returned to work for the new year. You see, last year I coached a 7th & 8th grade girls Recreation & Parks basketball team. Due to prior commitments and a crazy schedule, I wasn't able to coach again this year even though I do miss it. Anyway, one of my players from last year is applying for a scholarship to St. Mary's Ryken next year, and asked me if I would write her a recommendation. Of course I was thrilled to write it and sent it to her as soon as I finished. Just having her ask me to do this made me feel so good, like I had actually made a difference to someone so that they remembered me and thought enough of my opinion to ask me to write such a recommendation. Little things like this are my motivation to do good in the world...even when it feels like everyone else has fallen completely off their rocker!

Another reason 2010 is going to be so grand? Oh I don't know...maybe the fact that I'm getting married this September?!?! It's going to be such a memorable time, surrounded by all of mine and Bubba's families as well as friends. And bring your dancing shoes, because this is sure to be a full out dance party! Want a sneak peak at a little bit of the inspiration for the big day? Here you go:

Yes, I am well aware that I'm obsessed with Twilight. But please note that it isn't a Twilight themed wedding, I just really like the outdoorsy, white light feel!

I am excited for this new year and all of the positive changes I want to make throughout it. I want this to be the year that I finally make the life changes that will ultimately put me is a better frame of mind. Not that I'm miserable now by any means, but I want to make a few positive changes such as exercising more often, focusing on my career and figuring out what path I need to take in order to reach my ultimate goals, and finally I want to help others. That last one is something that really means a lot to me. There are so many mean spirited people in the world, I want those less fortunate to know that there is someone out there they can turn to for help and a kind word.

So good luck to you and yours during 2010, I hope it's all it's cracked up to be!

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  1. I shoulkd just move back already - we can go into business together and love it.. like our plans from back in the day at camp!!! :)

    miss you miss mindy!!!!