Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Comes to an End

Can you believe its New Years Eve, already? 2009 seems to have flown by with the blink of an eye. There have been so many events and milestones over the past 365 days it would be hard to try and re-cap. Lucky for us, I've somehow managed to keep this blog alive for the majority of it, so browsing through the archives will take care of any reminiscing that needs to be done.

I would, however, like to reflect on the month of December. What a crazy and glorious month! Between getting engaged to the love of my life and best friend and all the family visits and gatherings for Christmas, I barely had time to breathe. But, it is the best kind of stress because it's filled with loving people who mean the world to me. We even got one of the biggest snow storms I can remember this December! Nothing is better than a white Christmas (even if it does melt away entirely by the 26th).

I am looking forward to the New Year. It's always refreshing to start over and set goals for yourself. Most people, myself included, have a hard time sticking to their New Year Resolutions, but not this year. This year I'm going to push myself to keep with my resolution, simply because I never have before and you've got to start somewhere, right?

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