Monday, December 14, 2009

The Story

So here it is, the story of our engagement. Or should I say, the story of the day he proposed? Either way, here it is...

I am a Communications Liaison, which entails me writing and publishing newsletters, coordinating events, fundraisers, parties and doing pretty much every other task people can think of that A) They don't want to do, and B) Involves communicating to the masses. Our biggest work function/event? The annual "Holiday Party" held every year around Christmas. To me this is a big deal because this is the one chance my company has to give back to its employees and I would like it to a memorable event that they thoroughly enjoy. Needless to say, around this time of year I'm fairly stressed out. Not awful stress, I enjoy planning parties, but it still takes its toll on you.

It's Friday, December 11, 2009 - the date of the big holiday party. Also the date that Bubba and I have designated as our "Anniversary". We never officially said, 'this is official', we just kind of happened and we knew it was around the 11th, so there you have it. 2 years of dating joy...and I say that in all seriousness. There has not been a moment with Bubba that I haven't been happy. He is truly a diamond in the rough and really knows how to make me laugh.

Back to the story...So we're at the holiday party, and as the one in charge of planning I have to stay around to make sure all the drunks leave and that the caterer and DJ make it out ok, which also means Bubba has to stick around as well. He was a little antsy, but we finally made it out around 11:45pm or so.

We make it home (Lexington Park to Colton's Point isn't exactly a quick ride) and I'm exhausted. I hadn't been sleeping well all week, and with the music that had been blasting my head was pounding. So I instantly change into my pajama's in one fell swoop and head to the bathroom to wash my face. All the while Bubba yells, "Crap! I left my phone in the car". I noticed it took a while for him to come back in and I was just hoping he hadn't slipped and hit his head or something ( I always think the worst). So he comes back in and has a bottle of champagne on ice, a vase of roses, candles and 2 glasses...My heart dropped and I thought I knew what was coming. But he read my face and said, 'No no, you did a great job tonight on the party and I thought we'd celebrate!' So I'm sitting on the couch (in my PJ's) and brimming with excitement he tells me that he has an early "Christmas Thing" to show me, and that I needed to put my coat on. 'Is anyone going to see me? I am already in my pajamas. Do I need real shoes?' He told me he didn't think anyone would see me, but he wasn't sure...So I throw on a sweatshirt AND a coat, socks and slippers and he guides me outside.

Go stand by the fence and look at the house, I want to show you something. YES! He put more lights up on the house and we won't look so ghetto!! Ready Mindy? Here it goes...

And then nothing, I felt awful! How does it look? he yelled. I had to answer, Aww babe I think you blew a fuse or something, nothing happened! Well, that is because you're looking the wrong way...and he turns me around to our pier completely lit up in white lights...and then the shaking set in. I knew what was happening. We walked out to the end of the pier and had the most beautiful moment I could imagine!

And that is the story of our engagement! Simple and sweet, and every bit as romantic as I'd hoped it would be. Bubba is truly the love of my life, and I can't imagine spending it with anyone else. I know it's mushy, but come on, if you're lucky you only get engaged the right way once!

I'm a pretty lucky girl:

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  1. Oh my goodness - how beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!