Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it Snow!

I love snow, even though here in Southern Maryland we don't tend to see too much of it. Today, however, our luck has changed! A certified 'blizzard' has hit the east coast and for once we are seeing its effects. We typically see a mix of snow and rain leaving a slippery, dangerous mess that is gone after 2 days. But this...this is REAL SNOW. Beautiful big flakes of crisp white snow.

Playing in the snow, sledding, making snow angles, you name it, I did it and this year I hoped wouldn't be any different. So how majorly disappointed was I when I found out I have 'Sinusitis' yesterday...Basically I have a sinus infection, but this one is unusually annoying and debilitating for me. So no playing in the snow this weekend. (Although I did make it out for about 5 minutes to try and clean my car off) At least we've gotten so much though it looks like it's going to stick around for a while. Dare I even say we might have a white Christmas? I can only pray, because nothing is more perfect than a White Christmas with the ones you love.

Speaking of ones you love, I saw something I didn't love today. I guess he was out enjoying the snow too...Either that or was terrified and freezing! Regardless, as Bubba and I were braving the storm to make it to our local country store for seudafed, candy and tissues, I saw quite the sight...One of our stinky little friends making his way up the road in the small grooves from the other trucks with 4-wheel drive that had been out already. I couldn't believe it! Well, I could, considering the Point has had a faint smell of SKUNK for the past few months, I'm thinking they are plotting to take over here shortly. And there he went, scurrying up the road...I was just crossing my fingers he didn't get scared and spray us or our miserable would it be to have to smell skunk all day while being snowed in?! At least I can't breathe out of my nose and am having a hard time smelling anything at all...

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  1. OMG there are always skunks at Matts house...but I can't believe you caught one on camera! Priceless!