Tuesday, July 6, 2010

God Bless America

Happy 4th of July from Point Breeze Palaver!  We were able to spend a hot, but relaxing long weekend in the most beautiful place in St. Mary's County.  Our home, the 7th District!  Many don't understand the term "7D" and associate it with rednecks, bad cell phone service and 'the end of the earth'.  Ok, so there may be a few rednecks, you will most likely lose a bar or two of service once your turn at the 4 way stop in Clements, and when driving into the 7th you may feel like you're going to the end of the earth, but that isn't what defines this one of a kind area.  It's the kind and caring people with old school ways about them, and the natural beauty that jumps out at your know matter where you turn.  The 7D is not only a beautiful place to live and raise a family, but it's a lifestyle as well.  You learn to appreciate the culture that St. Mary's County was founded on, and the slower speed of life which many of the residents still try and uphold.  So next time your tempted to make a crass joke about the 7th and the people who live in it, look around and ask yourself if you're lucky enough to be surrounded by the beauty and peace that they are:

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  1. We are truly blessed to live here. Your pictures are lovely.