Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Escaping Reality

These past few weeks of my life have been especially grueling. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details I’ve been stressed to the max and a little unsure how to get out of my funk. I have found a comforting solace in an unusual outlet: Hawaiian Music. I’ve been draining the battery on my little blackberry by pumping The Hawaiian Radio station on Pandora at all hours of the day: Getting ready for work, to concentrate while at work, and even while working on our house or my sisters newly purchased home that is currently undergoing some renovations.

After slipping away into “Mindyland” while listening to it yesterday evening I realized why it is so comforting to me. I’ve never been so at peace and relaxed as I was during our honeymoon in Kauai’, HI. And it wasn’t just because I was away from work and enjoying the bliss of being newly married. It was the whole lifestyle of the island, the way the locals carried themselves, the entire atmosphere. Laid back, beautiful and relaxed. I think I need to go back, asap.

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