Monday, April 18, 2011

Out to Sea

Since its April I really can't complain about the rain.  It's just something you come to expect.  What I wasn't expecting or ready for?  The wind storm that rocked our socks on Saturday. We've seen the wind knock one or two of the boards off during the winter when they were covered in snow, but this is the first time we've seen THIS much damage.  The wind turned the normally calm river into a raging rapid.  The waves were crashing against the rocks sending water flying in the road in front of our house, as well as beating all the local piers to death.  Luckily between Bubba, my Dad and our neighbor, Bo, we were able to recover most of the boards, but it's still going to take a lot of work to get this baby rebuilt.  Check out the damage:

[This is where the extended part of our pier got hit the hardest]

[End of the pier, missing quite a few boards]

Quick Updates
Here is a peek at the status of our current projects...

Front Porch - from this:

[Minus the snow]

 To this:

[Yucky screen be gone!]

To this:

[Please note the posts have a fresh coat of white paint, as does the blue trim around the bottom, and there is fresh white lattice to keep the varmints out!]

We are almost done!! We've got some flowers to plant and some stain for the floor of the porch and then our curb appeal project will be complete.

Now check out the slow progress we're making on the bedroom/closets:

From this:

[Plain white walls and non-matching closets with tiny, unusable space inside]

 To this:

[After knocking out the wall]

 To this:

[About 50% of the way finished...looking and feeling so much better already!]

Stay tuned for the final reveal of both the front porch and the bedroom and closets!! (Hopefully coming soon)

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