Monday, April 4, 2011

A Great Start...

The title of this post can be taken both literally and sarcastically.  Let's start with the sarcastic first.

Obviously today is Monday, a very obnoxious day if I do say so myself.  It started off fine, I woke up on time (for once), washed AND dried my hair (which is certainly no quick task if you've ever seen or felt my hair), picked out a cute outfit and headed out the door with a positive outlook.  Shocked that I was on time I decided to reward myself with a Starbucks breakfast.  I haven't been to Starbucks in MONTHS and honestly I almost jumped back in my car instead of going inside, but I figured what the heck, screw the calories counter today, I need a coffee.  Coffee and oatmeal in hand I made my way to our building and as I opened the door to my office my jaw drops and I realize...I left my laptop at home.  And I live about 45 minutes away. Pissed off and hyped on caffeine I made the hike home to retrieve my laptop.  Good thing gas is so cheap these days..........

Ugh, I'm glad I got that out of my system.  Now for some positivity :) This weekend was a great start for Bubba and I in regards to our bedroom renovation.  The body of the new closets are set, the wisteria snow colored paint is double coated on the walls, and most importantly, our mattress is no longer on display in our living room!  (Pictures to come soon)

I've been slacking so badly on my photography, so to make myself feel better here are two pictures I snapped with my cell phone during our crazy busy weekend.

[Black Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream cone from Brewsters.  The perfect ending to a day of cleaning, painting and building.]

[A very bright spot in my weekend, our wonderful neighbors returned from FL this past week.  LouAnn was doing a little maintenance to her flowers around the house and snipped a few of these beauties for me.]

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