Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Pups

If you know me at all, you know I am somewhat afraid of dogs.  I'm not even sure I would say "afraid" so much as I'm really just not a fan in general.  Growing up I had a golden retriever named Megan.  She was the best dog in the world.  She was so pretty and had such a wonderful disposition, maybe that's why I haven't been too keen on any other dogs?  They just don't live up to Megan?  Who knows...

Anyway, I seem to have befriended two unlikely souls...Eve and Samson.  First let me tell you about Eve.  She is a supermodel.  Well, I doggie supermodel.  There isn't a day I see her and don't tell her what a pretty girl she is.  Not only that, she is so laid back.  The only time I've ever heard her bark was when she caught a glimpse of the neighbors horse.  And even then it wasn't much of a bark.  She really is such a sweet dog and she wouldn't hurt a fly.  In fact, she was trying to show some love to our handicapped cat, Max, gave him a playful lick and when he hissed back at her she cowered behind a tree.  Did I mention she is a pitbull?? Yeah, it seemed odd to me too.  ;)  Here she is, my pretty girl, Eve:

[She sits like a human]

[And drives like one too...]

[So pretty]

Now on to Samson.  He is a new friend of mine since he's only several weeks old, but how can you not love this little guy.  Adorable is the only word I can think of to describe him.  Eve's half brother, Samson, kind of fell into my sister Marci and her boyfriend Adam's laps.  The breeder who they got Eve from called and said they had a puppy for cheap because he had fallen as a new born and broke his leg. (just imagine this little fella in a splint...)  Once they saw him they couldn't say no.  Though from the same bloodline, Samson certainly has a personality all his own.  Already much more vocal than Eve, he lets you know when he's around and has never ending energy.  I watched him carry a large kickball around his tiny jaws a few days ago and wrestle a stick away from Eve.  Try not to say, "Awwww!" when you look at this handsome little guy, I dare you!

[Seriously, look at those eyes!]

[How could anyone not love this little guy?]

[Looks like a little old man with his wrinkles.]

And a few pictures of them together :)

[Eve is a good big sister!]

[Attacking, I mean playing with, Auntie Mindle!]

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