Friday, July 17, 2009

"Some guys have all the luck..."

Oh Rod, what a great song, except yesterday I was singing, “Some girls have all the luck”. You would have thought I won the lottery the way I was yipping and skipping around the house last night. But it wasn’t the lottery, it was a gift I came home to that thoroughly made my day.

Let’s start at the beginning; I may quite possibly have the BEST landlord. EVER. Not only is she generous enough to let Bubba and I reside in her grandmothers beautiful and unique cottage, so helpful and accommodating to our needs, but she is thoughtful and giving as well. She and I just happen to be around the same size…shoes, height, etc. and share a love for classic fashion, so when she stopped by a week or two ago to help us switch out our storm and screen doors and she mentioned she was getting rid of a highly sought after pair of shoes she’d only worn once, and asked if I’d like them, I thought I was dreaming!

Yesterday I knew she had stopped by to take care of something and was going to leave the shoes for me, so I raced home to see the divine work of art. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what to expect since she had only given me a brief description of the shoes, and of course the brand name. And then I saw the box, the beautiful black box with the word PRADA gently scrolled across it. I could hardly contain myself as I pulled out the open toe, black pumps with the most adorable piece of twine across the toes, giving them a nautical, but classy look. Ahhhh, I can finally say I own a pair of Prada shoes…and I didn’t pay a penny for them!

But that’s not all! In all of my excitement over the shoes I almost didn’t see the lovely red and white flowing Nanette Lepore cocktail dress draped over the couch next to the shoe box. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was gorgeous AND just my size. Next to the dress I found a note that stated, like the shoes, had only been worn once…Yesterday, I indeed had all the luck, and I feel more glamorous already!

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