Thursday, July 30, 2009

Busy Body

The majority of my blog postings reference how insanely busy my life has been this year. And a lot of my time has been going to wedding related events, the ones that I can actually make it too or aren't double booked with conflicting wedding parties. But as we are approaching August, my schedule is taking a slight turn. Don't get me wrong, I still have PLENTY of wedding "stuff" to go to, plan, celebrate, etc. BUT I've been blogging about it a lot lately and want to focus on something else that is coming up and that I am really excited about: Concerts!

So many people around my age are 'concert goers', but I was never one of them. I really didn't have a ton of luck with concerts and just weren't that into them. Let's take a little look back at my concert experiences:

1. N*SYNC-My first concert experience ever-and yes, this was at the peak of their popularity-not to mention pretty much the same week I found out I was as blind as a bat. Attending with my cousin, her step-mom at the time and my sister, we were pretty much in the nosebleeds but were SUPER excited non-the-less, what can I say, I've always had a thing for JT. So Tatyana Ali and B*Witched opened for them (aka Ashley from the Fresh Prince and a slightly scary girl group from Ireland) and then we were ready for the big show, and that is when it hit me-"I can't see anything, I can't even see the individuals dancing, I just see lights and figures moving/dancing". So we get some binoculars and the next day made an eye doctor appointment since I spent the whole show sad because I couldn't even see Justin's pretty face...

2. Blink 182-My first band experience, and it was amazing. I was pretty much the biggest blink 182 fan you could find at the time. I was in 8th grade and my best friend Claire loved them too. We sang along to pretty much every song and begged for an encore, which by the way, never happened. Thinking back, I feel like Green Day opened for them, but that may be inaccurate, I only had eyes for Mark Hoppus and could care less about anything else going on. Most memorable moment from that concert? Marci's friends, who I suppose didn't think I recognized them, approaching me and asking (and this is a direct quote) "You guys want some drugs?" Please mind that this friend of Marci's is the most non-drug dealer looking person in the WORLD and I could see Marci and her boyfriend at the time, Jimmy King, about 15 feet away snickering.

Throughout high school I pretty much only listened to Pop and Rap and didn't have time for concerts. You could call me a jock I guess, since all I was worried about was playing sports and going to sports camps. I was more likely to be found at an Orioles/Yankees game rather than a concert. Then came college and my lame decision not to play sports anymore, in turn leading to more free time, and hence, more concerts.

3. USHER-My first R&B/Rap Concert...I believe it was Christina Milian who opened, followed by a pre-famous, pre-arrogant and annoying Kanye West accompanied by John Legand on the piano/keyboard. All around a pretty 'sensual' concert, lots of screaming ladies anyway.

4. O-TOWN-The classic 'theme park concert'. That's right, Marci and I went to Kings Dominion to see O-TOWN, who I'm pretty positive isn't even together anymore, but still had a great time. LFO opened for them (i like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch....) and they sang probably a good 6 or 7 songs. Pretty lame, especially considering we were most likely the oldest people there (except for the parents who brought their middle schoolers), BUT we did get to ride the Hurler with Eric Michael Estrada (one of the members and son of THE Eric Estrada) and managed to meet him and get a picture. Not a bad time for a bunch of guys who are probably regular joes now.

5. The Killers-My first concert 'up close' experience. Marci and I went to see the Killers along with Keane and had pit tickets or whatever and were pretty much leaning on the stage all night. Not bad, but feeling like I was deaf for 2 days isn't exactly a paranoid person such as myself's idea of fun!

6. New Found Glory and Cartel-My first 'intimate' concert experience. The venue was small and intimate in downtown Baltimore, so much so that the drummer from New Found Glory was pretty much chilling behind me all night til their set with the electronics/sounds/IT whatever you want to call them people. Good time, very loud, and I learned that being on the edge of a "mosh pit" is NOT a good place to be. Between that and my little brother crowd surfing to the front and kicking me in the head, I was ready to go by the end of the night. (FYI: NFG actually sounds pretty amazing live, go see them if you have the chance)

7. Fall Out Boy/All American Reject/Hawthorne Heights/And someone else I can't remember...-You typical 'lawn seats, beer and lots of teenagers' concert. It was fun and relaxing, but I'm not sure I'd pay to sit in the grass and hear these bands play again. FOB was awesome live, but I felt like I could sit in my backyard with a beer and my iPod and get the same effect. I'm just sayin'...

8. Chris Brown, Bow Wow, Sean Kingston, Hurricane Chris-Paid WAY to much for the tickets, but had a pretty good time watching Chris Brown dance. There isn't too much else to say about that concert, except that Sean Kingston may be the biggest man I've seen in my life and Bow Wow may be the shortest.

9. Hanson-Before you judge me, I only saw them a few years ago and they were singing their new stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert. For all you haters out there, their new music is pretty different from MMMBop and they are actually REALLY talented musicians. Which leads me into the point of this un-necessarily long post:

This summer I'm actually going to be attending a few different concerts and think it's going to be a blast. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I actually go to these said concerts. Never-the-less, here is what I'll be rocking out to for the next few weeks:

Tinted Windows: A combination of Taylor Hanson (Hanson), James Iha (Smashing Pumpkins), Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) and Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick). Something new and different and a pretty cool mix of people!

Steve Miller Band: Only one of my favorite bands of all time! They may be old, but I bet they can still rock (yes I know how corny that sounds...) This is probably the concert I'm most excited for!

Alan Jackson & Kellie Pickler: This one is still up in the air, but if Bubba's cousin's offer is still good, we'll definitely be enjoying this one, and close to home! I could do without the Pickledick, but whatever, Alan Jackson is a legend in my opinion!

Sunday in the Country: Darius Rucker, Little Big Town, Zac Brown Band, Jason Michael Carroll, Kieth Anderson, Trent Tomlinson, Love & Theft. I can smell the beer and the leather from all the cowboy boots already! I should be quite a relaxing evening with some good entertainment as well!

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  1. Where are you seeing Alan Jackson and Kellie Pickler??? I would love to drag Matt to that!! :-)