Friday, March 18, 2011

Natural Disasters

The world has been feeling the wrath of Mother Nature lately and it's not pretty. Just this past week Japan suffered a crippling 8.9 earthquake followed by one of the most destructive tsunami's in history. The media coverage of this terrifying event is truly jaw-dropping. Unless you live under a rock you've seen what I'm referring to. The Japanese people affected by this quake/tsunami combo have been left in a state of limbo; their homes are destroyed, their possessions now belong to the ocean, and many have even lost their loved ones.

Displaced and disoriented, these people have not given up entirely. They have shown true composure and compassion for their country and those around them. If the same were to happen to the United States and you had a few sparing moments to get what provisions you could, would you take all twelve bottles of water sitting on the shelf? Or would you take only one, knowing that there are so many others in need of that water as well? One man in Japan took the latter route. Would you fall into a state of panic; stealing, pillaging, fighting and other criminal activity? Or would you be considerate of others around you, no matter who they are, and lend a helping hand to all you can when you don't even have a coat on your back? The Japanese have shown incredible strength during these disastrous times and should be an example to all communities that have faced crisis such as this. (ex: New Orleans, Haiti, etc.) And finally, would you sacrifice your health and wellbeing to fix a destroyed nuclear power plant that is posing a huge health risk to the general public in order to save the lives of thousands? Or would you go running for the hills in order to save yourself? Some 150 brave Japanese workers are sacrificing their lives and exposing themselves to radiation right this moment so to save the lives around them.

I've never experienced such a natural disaster or been in a situation similar to this, so it's hard for me to say what exactly I would do. But I do hope that if I were exposed to an event such as this I would have at least half of the composure and kindness that the Japanese people have displayed. Japan will, without a doubt, get back on their feet eventually. It may not happen for several years, but it surely will over time.

Please pray for them, I know I am.

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