Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project Porch: Part 2

This weekend was dedicated to priming and painting our beloved porch. After my grandfather and Bubba worked so hard to rebuild the spots with rotten wood and give it a little more life, I figured the least I could do would be to help paint.

And paint I did. My grandfather, Pa, is the eternal perfectionist. If you mention the words “Pa” and “Painting” in the same sentence my family all tends to have the same reaction…you see Pa doesn’t do anything fast. He takes his time, and since he’s retired from the Navy and a government position I think he’s earned the right to do things at a slower pace. Regardless of his speed Pa is an incredibly talented painter. I know what you’re thinking, “does it really take that much finesse to paint a porch?” If you want it to look good it does.

I’ve learned everything I know about painting from my grandfather whether it’s about brush strokes, the length of a stroke, how far to dip the brush in the pain, whatever it may be, Pa has taught me the correct way to do it.

Did I mention we had some unannounced visitors on Saturday while we were hard at work? The Aflac duck and a few of his friends made their way into my yard to beg for some food. It’s really unusual to see these kinds of ducks in our neighborhood. They look like they may belong to someone as pets, so I’m thinking they are lost.

Absolutely no fear. They walked right up to me and quacked for a while until I went in the house and got them some bread. Which I used to lure them out of my yard and back down to the beach with. No sooner had I started painting again and the little rascals had waddled all the way back into the yard…

***Stay tuned for some "after" shots of the porch!