Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Weekend in Cell Phone Pics

I've done it again...neglected my dear blog.  But that's ok, because I'm going to wrap up my weekend through the use of pictures I took on my cell phone.  Not quite the quality I get from my Canon, but it'll have to do.

First up?  An update to our house, which is always fun.  Bubba and I were both off on Friday so that meant we had time to work on our newly purchased house.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say we since I really didn't do much to help, but I guess you could say I was supervising.  My grandfather came down to lend Bubba a helping hand and they were able to put up a handrail on the porch.  Since we just opened it up and took the screening and screened in door off a handrail was need.  It's not finished yet, but it already looks 100 times better.  Our view is completely unobstructed and it makes the porch look so much bigger.  Check it out for yourself:

(More detailed pictures to come)

Saturday my mom, sister and I went to a home show in Dulles, VA sponsored by the one and only HGTV.  It was pretty neat to see all of the home vendors displaying all of their products and services.  I was mainly going to get ideas since I am married to the handiest man on the earth.  I figured I'd get the ideas and then tell him and he'd make, build, design, create, whatever it is!  There was a booth with all of these framed butterflies, which at first seemed strange, but upon closer look it was pretty cool.  They were all raised on a butterfly farm and died naturally, but once they died they were preserved and turned into art.  Can you imagine how beautiful a butterfly farm must be?

(My favorite was the white and pink in the middle left)

Sunday, while my dear husband was recovering from a bachelor party in Baltimore, I trekked out to some Thrift Shops around town to see what I could find.  Unfortunately it was an off weekend because I didn't find anything worth coughing up a few bucks for.  Actually that's not entirely true...I did find a really cool wooden wheel chair.  Obviously I don't have any use for a wheel chair, let alone a wooden one, but I thought it was so cool and it really worked too!

(The tag on the back)

(I wonder how old it actually is?  I felt like it was something the American Pickers would like to come across)

Finally on Sunday once Bubba was done resting up, we spent some time visiting my parents and decided to take a walk through the woods.  I wanted the exercise and Bubba was looking for deer sheds (Antlers).  It was fun, I hadn't wandered around those woods like that for several years so it was nice.  It was a pretty overcast day on Sunday so the woods had an almost eerie and spooky look to them.

(The meanest looking tree I've ever seen!)

(It was very hazy and the huge trees and quiet woods reminded me of Harry Potter)

So that was my weekend in cell phone pictures, I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. what a great weekend! love your treasure hunting!