Thursday, October 20, 2011

Must. Write.

Today, my newest guilty pleasure, HelloGiggles, told me that today is National Day on Writing, which means that I had to find my way to the computer tonight to produce this little blog post.  I have always loved creative writing, and even took a few English classes as electives in college, so I am all about the National Day on Writing.

The past two weeks have thoroughly kicked my butt, and I've been cleaning like a mad woman ever since I walked in the door when I got home from work, in other words; I am exhausted. Typically I would be off work tomorrow for my CWS Friday, but I decided to go in so I can take off on Monday.  And just why do I need to be off on a Monday?  Because I'm taking a road trip with my sister this weekend and our last stop is Norfolk, VA to see her all time favorite band, Hanson.

Yes, I am going to a Hanson concert.  At the age of 25.  Go ahead and get your laughs in, I know it's not the coolest thing in the world to be doing.  However, even though my cheeks go rose colored when I tell people I'm going to see Hanson, I quickly let them know that Hanson still makes new music, and it's pretty quality stuff at that!  Even though I'm pretty sure I'll be hearing a more masculine rendition of MMMBop (Yes, I still know that the proper way to spell it is with three M's), their new music is very good and I'm looking forward to seeing them live.  They are truly talented brothers who have been doing this their entire lives.  I have nothing bu respect for them and the music they make.

This picture is actually from a Tinted Windows (a side project/band that Taylor was a part of) concert Marci and I went to a couple of years ago.  

I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open, even though it is only 8:40pm, so I'm going to sign off for the night.  I just wanted to make sure I did my duty and wrote a little something on National Day on Writing.  Stay tuned for a blog update after our road trip, it should be entertaining! :)

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