Sunday, October 30, 2011

3G Road Trippin'

Finally!!! I've found 15 minutes to sit down in front of my computer and blog about the fun things I did last weekend.  Several months ago my sister asked me if I'd go to a Hanson concert with her and I said, sure why not.  We decided to get tickets to the Virginia Beach show and make a weekend of it.  Our mom and grandmother decided to tag a long too, no, not for the concert, just to get away for the weekend and take in all of the sights Virginia had to offer.

Virginia really is such a beautiful state, especially in the Fall.  Typically my family likes to go for Saturday or Sunday drives to the mountains for hikes and picnics.  We haven't had the chance to get away for a trip like that just yet, so this mini-road trip to the beach was a great filler.  Here we go:

Since my mom and grandma weren't going to the concert and had to be back to work on Monday morning, they drove separately.  We followed them down the back roads of VA and made our way to our first stop, the Virginia Bazaar.  We found a few treasures, but not was worth the drive just to see the beautiful horse farms and homes.

The next stop was Berkeley Plantation.  Absolutely gorgeous, I love old plantation homes.  There was a wedding taking place while we were there out on the lawn.  If I were a VA resident I totally would have looked into a having my wedding there!  Anyway, there is a lot of history in this old house; two Presidents have lived here, Taps was composed here, etc.  

The plantation is right on the James River.
Considering it was the third week of October, the weather was perfect!

We finally made it to our hotel on the beach!  We took a stroll around the town that night and woke up to a gorgeous sunrise, some porpoises close to the shore and then Marci and I went for a run on the boardwalk.  A great start to a great day...

We heard that there was a beer festival about 2 blocks from the hotel, so Sunday morning after our mom and grandma hit the road we hit the pavement.  The beer festival wasn't open yet, since it was only 12:30, so we headed 20 blocks away to a Fall Festival at a restaurant called Watermans. Upon closer inspection it wasn't so much of a festival as a "Crush Fest".  They were debuting their new "Orange Crush" drink called the "Ruby Red Grapefruit Crush".  Fresh squeezed, ice cold, heaven in a plastic cup.  There was also a DJ and live band playing...yeah, we never made it back to the beer festival.  We did, however, hike our way back to the hotel to get ready for the main event...

 The Hanson concert.  I can't lie, it was a great show!  I really wish people would forget about MMMBop and listen to their newer music.  These three young men are so talented, but don't get the credit they deserve.  Despite witnessing a fight (yes, a girl in front of us had to be escorted out) and having a slight  hangover from the Crush Fest several hours earlier, it was a lot of fun.  I bought Marci a shirt during the show and shoved it in my purse, planning to give it to her for Christmas, but that didn't happen.  Never in a million years did I expect her to get the opportunity to meet on of them, so of course it happened.  Zac, the youngest came out of the venue and put his things on their bus then came over and signed autographs and took pictures...I couldn't believe it, after 14 years of loving this band Marci finally got to meet one of them.  It may not have been the man of her dreams, Taylor (who by the way is GORGEOUS...without a doubt deserving of a sexiest man alive title), but she still can say she met one of them.  And I figured what the heck, I might as well get a picture too...

The next morning we hit the road, reminisced about the concert and made our way back to Maryland, stopping at a few thrift shops and a cracker barrel of course :) Mission road trip, accomplished.

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