Saturday, December 4, 2010

Big News!

I'm finally comfortable enough to blog about one of the biggest events to happen to me this year.  It's right up there behind September 4th!  Bubba and I are buying a house.  We've only got a week or two left until settlement and then it will be all ours.

And let me tell you, this isn't just any house.  It is THE PERFECT house.  A house and neighborhood that we have grown to love and hold so dear to our hearts.  That's right folks, we're buying the house we're already renting and living in.

This is something I would never even let myself consider before.  One, because the house has been such a part of our landlords family history, and two, because it's such a prime piece of property our odds were pretty slim.  But just as we were about to make an offer on another piece of land, we got the phone call.  Requesting to stop by to "discuss a few things about the house," we both were worried our landlord was going to give us the boot.  Then, to our extreme surprise when Bubba asked is everything was alright, she responded with, "Yeah, I just have seen how much you and your families enjoy it, and I was wondering if you'd like to buy it?"

After we picked out jaws up off the floor, we knew we had a lot to think about.  It took us about two days to make our final decision.  Yes.  YES!  We want to purchase our dream cottage.  And now we are going to be permanent Point Breeze residents, and are ever so thankful!!


  1. Sooo glad you guys got that house. One of the best views in the county. straight up!

  2. i clicked on this right away expecting it to say you guys were expecting! lol congrats!!!