Tuesday, December 21, 2010

December Birthdays

With all of the Christmas excitement I almost forgot to mention the December Birthdays! 

I've always felt bad for kids with birthday's in the month of December.  They have to wait all year to get their birthday presents and then they get their Christmas presents soon there after (or before if you're born in the last 5 days of the year).  In my mind, as a child, I thought for sure they weren't getting the same amount of gifts for Christmas because their parents had just spent so much money on their birthday presents.  I suppose it's the parents who I should be feeling bad for, financially...

Regardless, I know some pretty sweet chaps who have celebrated their birthday's this month.  First we have my cousin Myles, who turned a ripe old 13 this year on December 12th.  I've always been very close to Mylo and I think it's because of our 11 year age gap.  I wasn't too busy when he was born and I was able to pay him loads of attention.  Of course it didn't hurt that he was the sweetest little fella to come out of the year 1997.  So Happy Birthday, Mylo!  I love you.

The next December birthday is also the newest addition to our family.  My sister-in-law gave birth to little baby Nora on the 13th.  And what a beautiful little bundle of joy she is too!  I already told you all about her, but I still wanted to wish her a happy birthday and welcome her into the world!

Last, but not least, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Miss Brittney Shoemaker!  My nearest and dearest cousin has finally turned 21.  December 17th was the day Brittney changed all of our lives when she entered the world.  She truly was like the fourth Morris child and our tag-a-long little sister.  I hope your birthday was all you hoped it would be Britt!

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