Thursday, December 30, 2010

Married Christmas

We celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple this year, and it was nice.  Nothing really out of the ordinary, but we did try to start a Christmas tradition of Christmas Eve mass and riding around to look at lights afterward; let's just hope we can stick to it next year!

One thing that really sticks out in my mind about this Christmas was the awesome ornaments we received from family and friends.  I suppose that as a newly married couple they all knew that we were in need of some ornaments.  Take a peek:

 [Pretty bird from my mom] 

 [Adorable little frog for good luck from my awesome co-worker, Andrea!]

 [Fancy beagle with a top hat for Bubba from my mom]

 [Pretty in pink flamingo from our neighbors who spend their winters in Florida]

 [Beautiful buck and doe from Bubba's parents that looks a lot like our wedding cake topper]

[Smore's ornament from my sister, Marci.  SO cute and apparently there is a whole collection of these guys!]

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  1. Girl, you NEED the 50mm f1.4 lens. It will change your life. And your pictures. No more blurry pictures in low light without a flash! Also, love your house at Christmas time - it's so cozy!