Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is It Magic?

Somebody let me know if I'm wrong, but it is December, right?  And it's barely getting out of the 30's, correct?

So as we're 'decking the halls' and hanging our Christmas lights, I noticed something...There are flowers in my yard that are still blooming!  And not just leftovers from the fall.  Legitimately new buds, blooming and providing an unexpected, yet beautiful pop of color to our yard.

It almost makes me feel like God's smiling down on us and giving us a few tiny gifts of cheer to get us through the cold, dark days this time of year.  Realistically, it probably has something to do with the insane amounts of sunlight we get during daylight hours, but it's still nice to think we've got a touch of magic happening in our own front (and side) yard!

ps-does anyone have a clue what the last purple one is?  Small little pods, but so pretty!

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